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Feeling Reflective Counselling


- Counselling sessions are £60/session (50min session) (individuals).
- Counselling sessions are £75/session (1 hour) (couples)

- I strongly believe that counselling should be accessible to anyone who needs the help and support. I offer concessionary rates to those clients who otherwise could not access therapy with a private therapist. If this is the case, we can talk about it on the phone.


1. How much is a counselling session?
£60/session (individual)
£75/session (couples)
Concessionary rates are available for clients not in full time work.

2. How long is a session?
One session is 50 minutes.

3. How many sessions of counselling do I need?
I begin with 6 sessions. However, I have had clients who have come for only one or two sessions and there have been other clients who have come for many weeks and some have attended for over a year. It really depends upon what the client wants and needs.

Counselling is carried out as 1 session every week, however I have provided sessions every 2 weeks if necessary.

4. Do I need counselling? I am not sure if I need counselling.
If you are experiencing difficulties and you are unable to resolve these on your own, and you are unable to confide in anyone else, you may be benefit from talking with a therapist.

5. Who do you provide counselling for?
I provide counselling for individuals aged 16 years and over.

6. What do you mean by confidential?
Your therapy sessions are confidential, and I can explain what this means in counselling when we have the initial consultation.

7. Where do you carry out the counselling sessions?
Currently all sessions are online via Zoom or on the telephone.

8. Does therapy mean sitting round in a group?
No, therapy does not involve sitting in a group. My counselling sessions are one to one, with the client and myself.

9. Can I bring someone else with me to the sessions?
The sessions are for the individual and the counsellor only.

10. How soon can I get an appointment?
When you make contact I will be able to give you an idea of my current availability and see what is convenient for you, and arrange accordingly.


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